Deep Deception

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März 2011



Tilo Adams thought she had finished with the Mendoza family when she left most of its members twitching on their living room floor.

As an FBI agent, violence is nothing new to her, but this time it's murder, and the intended victim is her former lover, Victoria Mendoza. Now she's running from the memories that threaten to destroy her sanity. She has no idea of the danger surrounding her.

Left for dead, Victoria is looking for her wayward lover, but she is not seeking a happy reunion. She wants to avenge her brother's murder and destroy the woman who played a deadly game of chess with the members of her family.

Veronica Mendoza wants nothing to do with getting even. She's already lost enough family members, and as a new mother, her priorities are different. She wants to create a loving environment for her new husband, Moses, and her newborn child.

Moses Ramsey was Tilo's second mistake. She underestimated him, and now he's determined to find the bitch who played him so he can settle the score. Moses will have to decide which is more important: his marriage or his vendetta against Tilo Adams.

Tina Brooks McKinney delivers nonstop drama in her newest page-turner.
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