Renormalization Group and Fixed Points

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März 2013



This Brief presents an introduction to the theory of the renormalization group in the context of quantum field theories of relevance to particle physics. Emphasis is placed on gaining a physical understanding of the running of the couplings. The Wilsonian version of the renormalization group is related to conventional perturbative calculations with dimensional regularization and minimal subtraction. An introduction is given to some of the remarkable renormalization group properties of supersymmetric theories.


The concept of the Renormalization Group.
Scalar Field Theories.
RG and Perturbation Theory.
Gauge Theories and Running Couplings.
RG and Supersymmetry.



From the book reviews:

'The text is based on the lecture notes of some, apparently short-term, course and is intended for a reader who is not familiar with the subject, but has already studied such disciplines as Relativistic Quantum Mechanics and perturbation theory. ' The target reader could be, for example, a particle phenomenologist who wants to communicate with colleagues from the quantum field theory side and to discuss non-perturbative aspects of the renormalization group.' (Ilya Shapiro, Mathematical Reviews, April, 2014)

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