Character As Destiny: Getting Destiny to Help Build the Life You Want

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Dezember 2014



Do you want to cast aside old ways of thinking about success and replace them with behaviors that re-tool and re-invigorate your thinking about the future? In Character as Destiny, author Timothy A. Keune shows you how vision is the first step to realizing your dreams.

Divided into four sections, Keune offers a message of life planning and quality thinking as the keys to success, he discusses:

- Fate, destiny, fortune, luck, virtues and vices, strategy and tactics, principles and values and presents the nature of self and character, their role in our lives, and how virtues, vices, and principles work together under the umbrella term character
- Tools you can use to follow your dreams, including the role of vision and how it morphs into purpose and planning for the future
- Important capabilities, including judgment-making decisions and understanding their consequences
- The traits of virtues and vices
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