The Virgin Swingers Club

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September 2014



First time swingers are like newborn Virgins


Twenty-five-year-old, Tia Rain grew up in and around the state of Michigan, being one of those women that grew up too fast, and without much parental supervision, she lost her virginity at a young age to the neighbor boy around her age and his slightly older brother that lived next door. Though she does not like to talk much about her past thereafter, Tia does admit that shortly after her first sexual experience, she became a runaway, living life on the streets until she was seventeen and as such has picked up an attraction to the dark, more unacceptable genres of sex. Tia began writing erotic fiction around the age of 19, as a way to cope with her dark, sexual past. Currently Tia Rain attends a local college in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area. Tia enjoys promiscuous sex. Being bi-sexual she has experience with both men and women. She enjoys performing and having rough sex, Seduction sex, and sex in public, threesomes and BDSM. Her warning to her readers, ¿I know what I like isn¿t for everyone, I hope you like my stuff, if not, move along!¿
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