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September 2014



Widely considered a jewel of contemporary travel literature, Equator is Thurston Clarke's magnificent, witty account of his solo journey along the earth's torrid midsection—a grueling twenty-five-thousand-mile odyssey that spanned three years and as many continents. His was a perilous trek across an almost surreal landscape—where a first-class hotel appeared smack in the middle of a leper colony and a one-time Pacific island paradise stood as a hideous, bomb-blasted testament to nuclear folly. Along the way Clarke encountered the world's heaviest rat, the earth's highest volcano, and the king of a Micronesian island, wearing flip-flops and a novelty T-shirt. Throughout, Clarke's unflagging sense of humor and wonder make Equator a classic of its kind.


Thurston Clarke is the author of eleven highly acclaimed works of fiction and nonfiction, including three New York Times Notable Books. His Pearl Harbor Ghosts was the basis of a CBS documentary, and his bestselling Lost Hero was made into an award-winning NBC miniseries. The Last Campaign was a New York Times hardcover bestseller. He is the recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship and other awards. He has written for Vanity Fair, Outside, Glamour, Men's Journal, the New York Times, and numerous other publications.

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