Forbidden Fires At Home: Gay Taboo Bundle

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Oktober 2014



A scorching hot collection of TABOO GAY tales!

Three hot twinks who learn to love it hard and raw from the men close to home.

**My Best Friend's Dad Gives It to Me Rough**
Mark and Richard have been best friends for years, and Jack, Richard's father is pretty much like his second dad. Mark is alone in their house one day when he comes across a pair of purple lace panties in Jack's office and can't help but try them on. He just didn't plan on Jack coming home early and catching Mark in them. Now Jack's going to have to teach him a hard, bare lesson about snooping.

**Justin Learns A Hard Lesson**
I know I've been a bad boy; I shouldn't have been snooping around his stuff, but the thing I found is so shocking I couldn't help but press play. So when mom's man, a big, brawny police detective, catches me watching something I shouldn't on his computer he has no choice but to teach me a lesson. A hard, barebacked lesson I'm not likely to forget any time soon!

**Lincoln Learns to Like It Rough**
Confusion about his sexuality has turned Lincoln into a moody, smart-mouthed brat and the man of the house, Clint, is not about to tolerate it any longer. When he confronts Lincoln about it lays down the law, Lincoln has no choice but to confess his reasons for his abrupt mood change the past few months. Far from being angered or disappointed at his reasons, Clint offers to help Lincoln out by giving him his first hard, rough, and bare experience.

This bundle of forbidden, bareback taboo stories is so hot it'll have you squirming in your seat!

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