The Instructor

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Februar 2015



Faith is tired of working dead-end jobs and knows she has to do something with her life, aside from serving coffee at the local shop. She has limited resources to pay to further her education, but the local college admissions officer offers Faith an opportunity - a full scholarship to take a course that is dominated by men to help promote women in the trades. She has no prior knowledge of welding, but as the admissions officer points out - what does she have to lose?
But there's one big problem…
From the moment she first sets eyes on him, Faith feels a strong and undeniable pull toward one of her instructors. Tony is a confident, sexy, charismatic man who ignites the fires within her with just a look and it's evident he feels the same way. Faith knows that pursuing him would be wrong, forbidden, but her reasoning is a poor match for the craving he provokes within her.

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Verlag: Soft & Hard Romantic Publishing
Erscheinungsdatum: Februar 2015
Format: epub eBook
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