The Enemy Within

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Dezember 2011



Separating myth from reality, The Enemy Within traces the history of espionage from its development in ancient times through to the end of the Cold War and beyond, shedding light on the clandestine activities that have so often tipped the balance in times of war. This detailed account delves into the murky depths of the realm of spymasters and their spies, revealing many amazing and often bizarre stories along the way. From the monkey hanged as a spy during the Napoleonic wars to the British Double Cross Committee in World War II, this journey through the history of espionage shows us that no two spies are alike and their fascinating stories are fraught with danger and intrigue.


Terry Crowdy has an unconventional background for a historian. Former bassist in a rock group, and a history enthusiast, Terry writes with passion and a keen eye for detail, bring his unique perspective to the murky world of espionage and spying. His enthusiasm for accessing forgotten historical sources and seeking out information that has eluded others is demonstrated throughout this vivid account of 'secret war'. Terry has written several other books including Military Misdemeanours, sordid stories of scandal in the military throughout history. Terry lives in Kent, UK.
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Untertitel: A History of Spies, Spymasters and Espionage. 18 b/w; 21 col. Sprache: Englisch.
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