Hormonal effect on MRI

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April 2014



Scientific Essay from the year 2013 in the subject Medicine - Gynecology, Andrology, grade: A, University of Dhaka (Bangladesh Health Professions Institute), course: Bachelor of Occupational Therapy, language: English, abstract: At the age of 8-13 years all women face some sort of change in their life. The start of menstruation, changes of the body and mind (Ghai, 2012). Hormonal changes stimulate this change in them (Hall, 2010). One of the changes is the development of breasts (Hall, 2010). The breast is a body part, which differs in size and function in male and female bodies. The female breast contains the mammary gland which produces milk to feed infants (Boron & Boulpaep, 2012). Both men and women develop their breast from the same embryological tissues (Hall, 2010). In puberty different hormones especially estrogen works in breast development (Russo & Russo, 2008). On the other hand male hormone testosterone doesn¿t have this function.


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