3D Video and Its Applications

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Mai 2012



This book presents a broad review of state-of-the-art 3D video production technologies and applications. The text opens with a concise introduction to the field, before examining the design and calibration methods for multi-view camera systems, including practical implementation technologies. A range of algorithms are then described for producing 3D video from video data. A selection of 3D video applications are also demonstrated. Features: describes real-time synchronized multi-view video capture, and object tracking with a group of active cameras; discusses geometric and photometric camera calibration, and 3D video studio design with active cameras; examines 3D shape and motion reconstruction, texture mapping and image rendering, and lighting environment estimation; demonstrates attractive 3D visualization, visual contents analysis and editing, 3D body action analysis, and data compression; highlights the remaining challenges and the exciting avenues for future research in 3D video technology.


Part I: Multi-View Video Capture
Multi-Camera Systems for 3D Video Production
Active Camera System for Object Tracking and Multi-View
Part II: 3D Video Production
3D Shape Reconstruction from Multi-View Video Data
3D Surface Texture Generation
Estimation of 3D Dynamic Lighting Environment with Reference
Part III: 3D Video Applications
Visualization of 3D Video
Behavior Unit Model for Content-Based Representation and Edition of 3D Video
Model-Based Complex Kinematic Motion Estimation
3D Video Encoding



From the reviews:

'This book is concise and easy to read. At the beginning of each chapter, a big picture is presented for the specific topic. ' the book clearly defines and clarifies the differences with other similar techniques, which is quite important and helpful for readers who are new to this field. ' The contents of this book can serve as a very practical guide for 3D video development and research. For graduate or senior undergraduate students, this is undoubtedly another good reference for study.' (Zheng Liu, IAPR Newsletter, Vol. 35 (4), October, 2013)

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