Her Two Jaguars (Fur, Flesh and Claws, #1)

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August 2014



Jaguars are solitary animals, so why has a pack of them been sighted in a string of attacks on villages in the Colombian Amazon? That's what big cat expert Dr Marissa Levine has flown halfway around the world to find out. But when her expeditionary party is thrown into chaos by the very animals she's seeking, she finds herself depending on two soldiers of fortune for her survival.

Diego and Alejandro are a pair of mercenaries and part of a pack of jaguar shifters desperate to find mates. When their leader - Carlos - says he has found them a pair of wives, they think their dreams are coming true but it's the beginning of a nightmare that leads them to question everything they've ever known. It seems the women he's been bringing back to camp weren't as willing as he made out.

Thrown together by chance, the trio work as a team to save Marissa's colleague from Carlos. The odds are stacked against them, but running on adrenaline only fuels the attraction Alé and Diego feel for her. They've had a lifetime to imagine sharing a woman, but Marissa is shocked by the idea of loving both of them.
Before she can decide what's going on in her heart, she'll have to face a deadly pack of shape-shifters. Who will still be there when the dust settles?

This novella is roughly 25,000 words long and is not intended for readers under the age of eighteen.


"How's your aim?"

"How's yours?"

"Excellent." That smug smile didn't slip an inch.

"Take me with you. Get me a gun and I'll show you what I can do."

He shook his head. "Too dangerous."

Her fuse burned low. Arrogant bastard. Just because she was a woman. She glared at him, preparing the ultimate put-down.

While she was thinking of what to say, he grabbed her by both wrists, pulled her close and delivered a kiss that wiped her mind clean.

Her eyes fell closed, her body responding to his musky scent wh

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