The Mom I Want to Be

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Juli 2006



A woman's experience as a mother is influenced by the mothering she received as a child. If neglect was a part of that upbringing, the woman who holds a newborn and faces the responsibility of parenting needs a healthy vision of motherhood.
T. Suzanne Eller compassionately discusses how a woman can turn from a painful past and embrace a godly example of motherhood. She shares
  • how shattered legacies can be put back together
  • the path to restoring the broken image of motherhood
  • ways to let go and embrace a new story
This is a celebration of God's healing power and how all women can become the mom they want to be.


T. Suzanne Eller and her husband, Richard, live in Oklahoma and are parents of three twentysomething children. A speaker and writer, Suzanne is active in youth and young–adult/career ministry. In addition to authoring the groundbreaking book The Mom I Want to Be to help moms leave behind the baggage of the past and build a great future for their kids, Suzanne also contributes to a variety of magazines, including Guideposts, Today’s Christian Woman, and Focus on the Family.
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Untertitel: Rising Above Your Past to Give Your Kids a Great Future. Sprache: Englisch.
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