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November 2015



Divorced and done with her dry spell, Holly Prentice is ready to get back in the game. But with two conditions: her future mate can¿t be married to his career, and he has to have a couch. Nick Andreis loves his job, and his only furniture is a king-size bed. He¿s also single, sexy, and six years Holly¿s junior. Any guy this hunky and carefree can¿t be serious about the future.

After one spontaneous and explosive night, Holly decides that her search for Mr. Right can wait. Nick can be Mr. Right Now.

Nick has waited years for Holly. Now that she¿s dating again, he¿s determined to be the only man in her life. He wants what Holly wants: forever. Convincing her of that won¿t be easy, but Nick agrees-with fingers crossed behind his back-to Holly¿s idea that they can be bed buddies until someone serious comes along. His plan: use the time between their passionate nights to convince her that he is the one.

Will Holly¿s unexpected pregnancy change the rules of their games? Or can they both decide to play for keeps?
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