Treasure Chest of Wisdom (Treasure Chest Series, #1)

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Oktober 2014



Do you want to be truly Happy?
Do you want to find out about the Priceless Treasure which Captain Black Spider, the famous Pirate known for his compassion and benevolence, gathered during his career?
All the Treasure Chests were untouched after his death, and was retrieved from a shipwreck.
Jonathan Mckatoo auctioned the Treasure Chests at astronomical prices and never disclosed to anyone about its contents. When he died, he willed it along with his huge fortune, to his only Son, Jack Mckatoo.
When the Treasure Chest was finally opened by Jack, he was in shock and awe at what he found. This treasure could be shared and enrich every person's life, who perused its contents.
True Happiness comes from within.
Find out what was in the Treasure Chest, and what Jack Mckatoo wanted to share with you.
If you use its contents well, it will enrich your life, and turbocharge your life with Positive Thoughts and Gratitude. Your life will never be the same again.
You will experience true happiness.
Consider it to be like inner engineering, where you change your thought process and attitude to life. Come one, come all, this Treasure is for All.....
Apart from benefiting you, this book is a perfect gift to those you care for.

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