The Magic Pill for Anger : Anger Management. A Guide on How to Understand and Manage Anger to Achieve a Happy and Balanced Life (Magic Pill Series, #1)

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Oktober 2014



This is the Magic Pill that will dissolve your Anger and bring Happiness to your Life.
If all negative emotions that we have were compared to different types of bombs, then 'Anger' would be qualified as a Nuclear Bomb!
It not only destroys everything in its radius, but its after effects lasts for a long time, just like the radiation of a nuclear explosion.
And worse, it carries on to other lifetimes as unfinished business.
It is the final destination of our dark side, our negative emotions.
Be it hatred, jealousy or dislike, all roads lead here, directly or indirectly.
Revenge is the bastard child of Anger and it feeds a vicious and never ending cycle of cause and effect.
We must attempt to uproot Anger, and in doing so, hatred and all it's siblings will drop away too.
This book will provide the cure to Anger.Like any pill, it must be taken as prescribed, and you will get immense joy in your life!!

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