Cooking With Mrs Simkins

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November 2012



In this book you'll find good wholesome recipes that you can make yourself whatever your level of expertise. For the novice cook it offers step by step guidance and encouragement by explaining the recipes in a straightforward and accessible way. For the more experienced cook it offers new recipes and fresh ways of doing things. Mrs Simkins understands the importance of good home cooking. In this book she shares some of the delicious but economical recipes that she has cooked over the years for her own family and friends: *hearty hot dinners and roasts *light lunches *simple soothing soups *plenty of baking (including pastry and sponge cakes) *perfect puddings *tempting toasty snacks *plus how to make your own bread with a bread maker.


Acknowledgements; Introduction; Breakfasts; Light Lunches and Mid-week Suppers; Main Meals; Roast Dinners; Puddings; Very Quick Light Meals on Toast; Cakes; Pastry; Biscuits; Making Your Own Bread at Home with a Bread Machine; Index.


'This is a brilliant book for the unsure cook. Mrs Simkins gives precise directions for preparing anything from the full English breakfast to a proper Sunday lunch, via quick and easy options such as pasta with chilli and mozzarella, or curried beans. There are recipes for glorious puds, cosy cakes and slimming salads, and hints on how not to as well as how to. Never was there a better book to prove that home cooking is tastier and more satisfying than ringing for a takeaway. I'd give this to anyone setting out on the twin adventures of cooking and eating.' Simone Sekers. 'This is a cookbook to use, which deserves a place on your worktop or cookbook shelf. Mrs Simkins' recipes are straightforward, affordable and appealing. You don't need a Larousse Gastronomique or a Cordon Bleu certificate to understand the techniques needed to prepare these dishes. Before you get to the actual recipes, there is helpful advice on good kitchen practice, useful measurements, oven temperature conversions and lists of equipment. The recipes are set out in a clear, practical way and divided into meals, chronologically - from breakfast via light lunches to roast dinners and puddings, with further sections on quick light meals on toast, cakes, pastry, biscuits and making your own bread at home with a bread machine.' Fanny Charles, Blackmore Vale Magazine. 'Dorset's very own domestic goddess.' Dorset Magazine. Member Reviews from 'A stylish note book of simple, wholesome, homemade meals for anyone who still shies away from making Sunday roasts, white sauce or baking their children's birthday cake.' '"Easy homemade meals" I absolutely love this book. I am a big fan of home cooking and this book has so many lovely recipes.' 'Loving it, I can cook good healthy meals for my family, and still have time to spend with them.' '"A great addition to your bookshelf" When the book arrived the first thing that struck me was the pretty cover! An attractive looking recipe book. There are a great selection of recipes from very basic (cheese on toast and alike) to the slightly more complex. Something for everyone!.' '"easy to read and really nicely presented" This book is presented in an old-style and it looks so pretty on my shelf... more importantly, it's got some great tasty recipes but also some good ideas for easy meals too so there's a great mix.' 'Delicious but economical recipes.' Best of British. 'A very straightforward and wholesome cookery book.' 'The kind of recipes that novice and experienced cooks will enjoy: simple and delicious with helpful tips and explanations.' Country Gardener.
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