Identities and Foreign Policies in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus

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Oktober 2014



This book maps changing definitions of statehood in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus as a result of their exclusion from an expanding Europe. The authors examine the perceptions of the place of each state in the international political system and its foreign policy choices, and draw comparisons across the region.


1. Other 'Europes' 2. Negotiating a Relationship 3. 'Europe' and the post-Soviet Republics since 1991 4. Russia and 'Europe': Elite Discourses 5. Ukraine and 'Europe': Elite Discourses 6. Belarus and 'Europe': Elite Discourses 7. Mass Publics and Foreign Policies 8. Conclusion: Identities and Foreign Policies in the Other Europes


Stephen White is James Bryce Professor of Politics at the University of Glasgow, UK, and Visiting Professor at the Institute of Applied Politics in Moscow. His recent books include Understanding Russian Politics (2011), Russia's Authoritarian Elections (co-authored, 2012) and Waiting for Reform under Putin and Medvedev (co-edited with Lena Jonson, 2012). Valentina Feklyunina is a Lecturer in Politics at Newcastle University, UK. Her research focuses on the questions of identity and foreign policy in the former Soviet Union. Her recent publications include The International Economic Crisis and the Post-Soviet States (co-edited with Stephen White, 2013) and Managing Russia's Image in the West (forthcoming).

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