2014 Holiday Erotica Buying Guide

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November 2014



Find the Best Holiday Theme Erotica Quickly!
We combed to find the best holiday erotica and steamy romance books. But there are a lot of them! So we honed in on only the highest rated books, to make your shopping easier. We chose books that have greater than 25 Amazon 5-star reviews, and some have many, many more.
Each book has information to help you evaluate it. We provide the formats in which each book is available, the categories, a snapshot of reader review numbers, a brief description of the book and links to other books by the same author.
We also provide the "steam level," which tells you how much sexual content is in each book. The ratings for the books in this guide range from steam level 5 (hottest) to one book that is somewhere between a 2 and a 3. You can learn more about our steam levels at the back of the book.
So if you're looking for maximum holiday hotness for your Kindle or other e-reader, look no further than the Hot Holiday Erotica Buying Guide!

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