Exit-Architecture Design between War and Peace

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a oeFirst we shape things, then they shape usa, was Churchilla (TM)s view. What kind of architecture can be said to shape? Who does it shape? And by what means does it shape? The authora (TM)s answers to these questions are a surprise. Through war and proximity to stress. After a tour da (TM)horizon through Roman temples, Washingtona (TM)s corridors of power and Meccaa (TM)s anti-panic architecture it becomes clear that architecture is anything but in the background. Instead it is situated in the hot spot of transmission dynamics and is capable of altering cultures, empires and even religions.


Heiner Mühlmann: Foreword.-


Ex-Architecture/Exit-Architecture: On Stress, Memoactivity and Cultural Transmission.-


Hubris and decorum; Shock Corridors; Paranoiac Chreodology; Hertzianism: Design in the Third Machine Age.-


Temple of Janus (Forum Romanum); Pentagon (Arlington, Virginia); Jamarat Bridge (Mina near Mekka).-

5 Codes: Space of Conflict (Temple of Janus Revisited, Washington D.C., 2009).-

Exit Ltd.: Images.-


Picture Credits.-

About the Author.



Stephan Trüby. Architect, theoretician and curator. Studied architecture at the AA School, London where he also lectured. Since 2001 he has been assistant professor for architectural theory and design at the Institut Grundlagen moderner Architektur, at the University of Stuttgart. He is the director of Exit Ltd. a firm specialized in architectural and design consulting. His numerous works have been published as books and in magazines.

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