The Bible of Gay Sex

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März 2013



Hallelujah! Finally there is a book that tells you ALL you need to know about gay sex. For let's be honest: Talking sex is only easy as long as you can play the part of the experienced lover. Stephan Niederwieser-author of various sex guides-informs you about everything you need to know, whether it's dating, health, the best ways to relax or the responsible use of stimulants. The Bible of Gay Sex is richly illustrated; it's a competent and entertaining book about everyone's favorite pastime.


Stephan Niederwieser is the bestselling author of several sex guides and five novels. He studied German language and literature, is a trained natural healer and psychotherapist, and conducts family constellation workshops. He lives in Berlin, Germany.


"When it comes to gay sex, this book is the Bible, the Kama Sutra, and the Sears catalog all rolled into one. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, the sex between these covers is sure to improve what happens under yours." [Quelle: Chi Chi LaRue]
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