Great Nursing Disasters

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Mai 2015



It shouldn't happen to a nurse -but it all too frequently does! The nurse who scrubbed an 'umbilicus' and hung it up to dry... the nurse who induced a new mother to do the splits on her hospital bed... or what about the nurse whose every attempt to bandage her patient's penis caused him to rise to the occasion? Even Florence Nightingale might have blushed. In this hilarious and evergreen miscellany of failed IUDs, emergency toothectomies and grisly practical jokes, the author might have evoked the true spirit of the phrase 'Keep Calm and Carry On'. Though there's enough merry mayhem here to make anyone contemplating joining the Caring Profession think twice... This edition features cartoons by Larry.


After studying law Stella Bingham turned to journalism, first as a feature writer on Nova magazine and then as a freelance for a range of newspapers and magazines. Before becoming property correspondent for Today newspaper, she wrote Charters & Caldicott, Ministering Angels and Great Nursing Disasters (all published by Dean Street Press). After Today, she resumed her freelance career, specialising in property matters.
Stella Bingham lives in London and enjoys restaurants, the theatre, art exhibitions and travel.

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