Motor Matt's Air Ship - The Rival Inventors

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Januar 2015



Characters that appear in this story:
Matt King: concerning whom there has always been a mystery--a lad of splendid athletic abilities, and never-failing nerve, who has won for himself, among the boys of the Western town, the popular name of "Mile-a-minute Matt."
Carl Pretzel: a cheerful and rollicking German lad, who is led by a fortunate accident to hook up with Motor Matt in double harness.
Hamilton Jerrold: an honest inventor who has devoted his life to aeronautics, and who has built a successful air-ship called the Eagle.
Hector Brady: a rival inventor who has stolen his ideas from Hamilton Jerrold. His air-ship is called the Hawk and is used for criminal purposes. Brady's attempt to secure Motor Matt's services as driver of the Hawk brings about the undoing of the criminal gang.
Whipple, Needham, Grove, Harper and Pete: members of the Brady's air-ship gang of thieves.
Helen Brady: Hector Brady's daughter, who helps Motor Matt.

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