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Februar 2015



Ever since Charlotte Taylor was a little girl she's wanted fame and fortune. She sings with the voice of an angel and is soon plucked out of obscurity and into the limelight, an overnight sensation as 'Lola'.
She attends wild celebrity parties and moves in circles with the rich and famous, but the people living the life of celebrity aren't all she imagined them to be and neither is her life. Struggling to find the real Charlotte again she battles against the crazy life she's thrust into, desperately trying to swim to the surface.
Blake Hudson is a self-made man. Successful in his own right, he's busy making his own mark on the world. Self-assured, strong and determined, he's not looking for a permanent relationship. But when he meets the sweet and charming Charlotte, he's captivated. But the world of celebrity and business collide and commitments, half-truths and unintentional deception don't make for smooth sailing.
Hilarious consequences ensue through this romantic comedy, but can Lola and Blake overcome the challenges that life and fame throw their way to find their own happy-ever-after, or will Lola just have to Walk on By?


The multi-talented Stacey Solomon was the X-Factor 2009's last standing female contestant after coming third in the show.
In late 2010, she entered ITV's I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here and was crowned Queen of the Jungle. She was also voted Mum of the Year in 2011.
Stacey is currently the face of Look Again and we regularly see her lighting up our screens on numerous TV shows including Sing If You Can.
Alongside the publication of her new book, 2015 sees her releasing a new single and her own perfume.
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