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Dezember 2014



Nadra-Kien, a land rife with intrigue. As far away as infinity, only right next door. A world once filled with science and technology in even the most mundane objects. Long after the Great uprising occurs, technology is hated and feared. Yet in Nadra-Kien everything is not as it seems. Enter in and explore, here you will find a world never seen before. As related by Sprinter the Ancient. Sprinter starts the tale right where he should. Where it makes the most sense. As they say sometimes truth is stranger than fiction, and rightly so. Science, action, fighting, feisty women, epic scenery, poetry, proverbs, gladiators, monks and more, love gained and love lost. There are those that have lived for thousands of years, and plotted the downfall of civilizations. Here is a tale of those who would do so again, and those who fight against them. Peer into a world where the contrasting values of life are exposed, where the lines between good and evil are obscured, yet held tightly in place. Where fiction and reality meet, where science and fantasy mate. The tale is not short, but for many it will not last long enough. Herein lies Sprinters Tale: The Beginning.

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Untertitel: Sprinters Tale: The Begining. Sprache: Englisch.
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