Top 14 Super Foods for Healthy Hair (Superfood)

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Juli 2014



A healthy diet for our body is critical for optimal health and performance.  Our hair goes through a lot of chemical these days:  different types of shampoo, colorings,  and dyes.

What we put into our mouths also plays a huge role in how strong and beautiful our hair is going to be.   Hair is a fast growing tissue, therefore it make demands on your body.   Proper food is needed for hair growth.

For Strong healthy hair, you need the following Nutrients.

Fatty Acids: The omega-3 fatty acids and Oleic acid (Omega 9) play a huge role in whether or not you have nourished hair. You can also up your intake of omega-3's by eating walnuts, canola oil, salmon, and soy products.

Protein: Good hair nutrition begins with getting enough protein, which is the building block of your hair. Hair follicles can have low energy levels just like we do. Therefore, it's very important that you eat a high protein meal at the start of each day.
Vitamin B: The B Vitamin family is the most important vitamin to ensure that you have thick full hair as they stimulate hair growth. 

Vitamin B12 is known as Cobalamin.  People with a Vitamin B12 deficiency will lose their hair.

Vitamin B6 and vitamin B7 (also known as "biotin") is an essential part of the hair production and hair growth process. It also plays a major role in the formation of healthy skin and nails. If your hair is too oily you may lack in B Vitamins. B Vitamin rich foods include whole grains, nuts, seeds, dairy products, eggs,  legumes and green, leafy vegetables. Try to avoid oily foods.

Vitamin C: These two vitamins are important nutrients when it comes to having strong, glossy hair.

Vitamin E:  Vitamin helps increase our oxygen uptake, which again helps improve the amount of blood that is circulates to our scalp.  All of these vitamins, when taken regularly will ensure that the vitam

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