Puzzles & Games - Weight Watchers - Learn More About Diet & Health (Weight Loss)

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September 2014



This is fun Health Quiz Books for all weight watchers.
As you answer these 30 questions, you will learn a lot about nutrition and how to eat healthily and nutritiously.
These questions help you think and choose the right food to eat daily, and how to control your weight.
Here is a sample question:
Question: The key area to a balanced approach to weight loss includes:
a. exercises and good sleep
b. diet and exercises
c. diet, exercises and motivation
d. diet with good sleep
As you can see the multiple choice answers are quite similar and you can only choose one. Hopefully as you wrestle with each answer, you will become more focused of what you need to do to take action.
I also give you the 'correct' answer with explanation.
The correct answer to the above is "c" because you need all 3 - diet, exercise and motivation. Diet must accompany with physical fitness through exericses, which will help speed up your metabolism to help you with weight loss. You need motivation to be able to finish your weight loss program to the end or else the pounds will come back even faster than you shed them.
This is what this book is about. There are 30 Quizzes for you to wrestle with to help you think through many things you might not have thought important regarding weight loss.
Have Fun!

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