Dips: Top 101 Easy Party Diet Dips & Spread (Healthy Recipes)

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Juli 2014



This special edition of Party Diet Dips and Spreads will give you tons of ideas to make for your Christmas parties, birthdays, and family gatherings. I provide 101 different types of dips and spreads for you so that you can pick and choose which one you would like to make even on last minute call. You will have new suggestions on how to make dips that are not plain and boring.

These are some of my favorite dip recipes:

1. Sophia's Homemade Vegetable Dip
2. Christmas Party Delicious Cheese Dip
3. Christmas Bacon Tomatoes Dip
4. Party Bacon-Cheese Dip
5. Famous Sour Cream & Dill Dip
6. Christmas Honey Mustard Dip
7. Cream Herb Christmas Dip
8. Christmas Low Diet Dip
9. Dill Delicious Party Dip
10. Artichoke Faboulous Dip
11. Cucumber Avocado Dip
12. Guacamole Delicious Dip
13. Guacamole Favorite Dip
14. Guacamole Fabulous Dip
15. Festive Feta Cheese Dip
16. Festive Low Fat Herb Dip
17. Festive Roasted Pepper Dip
18. Amaretto Christmas Fruit Dip
19. Ambrosia Low Fat Fruit Dip
20. Amish Easy Dip
21. Anchovy Olive Yummy Dip
22. Baba Ganouj (Tangy Eggplant Flavor Dip)
23. Bagna Cauda (Garlic Fresh Dip)
24. Baked Bread Party Dip
25. Clam & Olive Garlic Dip
26. Famous Clam Flavor Dip
27. Classic Lipton Onion Cheese Dip
28. Famous Pace Con Queso Dip
29. Classic Cottage Cheese Sun-Dried Tomato Dip
30. Crab & Clam Dinner Dip
31. Crab Easy To Do Dip
32. Crab Light Smooth Dip
33. Crab Vegetable Fantastic Dip
34. Cranberry Orange Hazelnut Low Fat Dip
35. Cream Cheese & Garlic Dip With Pita Toasts
36. Cream Cheese Super Apple Dip
37. Cream Cheese Onion Dip
38. Cream Cheese Dijon Dip
39. Cream Cheese Deviled Ham Dip
40. Deviled Ham Cheese Dip
41. Diablo Bean Cheddar Dip
42. Dijon Drambuie Fabulous Dip
43. Dijon P

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