37 Healthy Apple Recipes for Apple Lovers (Superfood)

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Juli 2014



37 Healthy Apple Recipes is created for Apple Lovers. Some great apple desserts for Kids Birthday Parties Too.

You've heard:  "An apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away." 

Apple is so important in our daily diet. But many of us don't enjoy the taste of apples so much.  And you are in need of thinking of different ways to put apples into your biological food chain as apples are superfood!

This book will show you:

1. how to enjoy eating apples everyday with these 30+ creative apple recipes.

2. how to have a variety of way to eat apples that is not boring in flavor.

3. how to eat healthier everyday and keep a good balanced diet.

4. how to make spiked apple cider easily for your Friends' Party Get together

5. how to make great yummy apple pies especially around autumn with the great harvest of crunchy aples abound in markets everywhere.

These are some of my favorite apple recipes: 

1. Super Apple Cider for Parties
2. Quick Easy Apple Cider
3. Spiced Apple Cider
4. Apple-Raisin Spinach Salad
5. Delicious Apple Cake Recipe
6. Apple Sauce Cake
7. Apple Cheese Cake
8. Apple Waffles
9. Apple Strudle
10. Apple Oat Delicious Muffin For Kids
11. Classic German Apple Pancake
12. Apple Crisp For Birthday Parties
13. Spicy Crispy Apple Crisp
14. Raisin Apple Crisp
15. Yummy Chocolate Apple Crisp
16. Christmas Dried Apple Fruit Cake
17. Kids Birthday Party Grilled Apple
18. Apple Smooth Cream
19. Applesauce Frozen Yogurt Pie
20. Apple Juice Jigglers
21. Apple Blossom Ice-Cream Soda
22. Apple Bread Pudding for Kids Birthday Parties
23. Candied Apples
24. Apple Ice Summer Cool
25. Easy Baked Apples
26. Healthy  App

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