25 Low Fat Breakfast & Snack Diet Recipes - Weight Watchers Points Included (Healthy Recipes)

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Juli 2014



Finding healthy, low fat recipes that satisfies your appetite can sometimes be difficult, especially when you're trying to lose weight. You want food that leaves your belly feeling contented, so you don't go of and start snacking on all the wrong foods. I have put together my TOP 25 Low fat Breakfast and snack diet recipes with weight watcher points included.
This book contains the following low fat diet recipes:
1. Oat Apple Crisp 2. Delicious Brownie 3 Pumpkin Pie 4 Chocolate Zucchini Cake 5 Pumpkin Cheescake 6 Cheese Biscuits 7 Strawberry Pie 8 Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins 9 Fresh Banana muffins 10 Carrot Apple Muffin 11 Light pie crust 12 Oat Apple Crisp Snack 13 Sweet Corn Pancakes 14 Banana Oatmeal Crisp Cookies 15 Strawberry Bread 16 Easy Pumpkin Bread 17 Cinnamon Baked Oatmeal 18 Yummy Pecan Pie 19 Banana Split Cake 20 Yummy Chocolate Chip Cookies 21 Raspberry Oatmeal Bar 22 Fluffy Chocolate Cake 23 Peanut Butter Cookies 24 Peachy Angel Food Cake 25 Cranberry Pineapple pudding

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