Fundamentals of Computer Organization and Design

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Mai 2006



This advanced textbook provides a comprehensive survey of hardware and software architectural principles and methods of computer systems organization and design. It covers both CISC and RISC processors in detail, presenting Pentium, PowerPC, MIPS, SPARC and Itanium. In addition, assembly language programming for both CISC (Pentium) and RISC (MIPS) processors is covered in detail. Numerous assembly language code examples are included to give hands-on experience to students. These examples are not code fragments, but completely working programs that the students can run when they download the free assemblers. Topics and features: * Detailed discussion of digital logic and memory design * Concepts are related to practical designs and implementations * Presentation of material is suitable for self-study * Extensive examples and figures are used to help students grasp the concepts * Large number of end-of-chapter exercises will reinforce the concepts discussed in the chapter * Free assembler information for students to download from book website * Each chapter begins with an overview and ends with a summary.


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