Beginning J2ME: From Novice to Professional

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Oktober 2006



J2ME is a platform for wireless and mobile Java application development. Beginning J2ME makes this and all the fun you can have with it accessible to the first time wireless Java developer as well as useful to the experienced. This book includes coverage such as sound HTTPS support, lots of user interface API enhancements, a Game API, sound/music API, 3D graphics, Bluetooth, and much more. It's easy to read with lots of practical hands-on and able to use code examples. TOC:Introduction.- Building MIDlets.- All About MIDlets.- Almost the Same Old Stuff.- Creating a User Interface.- Lists and Forms.- Custom Items.- Persistent Storage, FileConnection and PIM - NEW.- Connecting to the World.- SMS/MMS - NEWBluetooth & OBEX - NEW.- Programming a Custom User Interface.- The Game API.- 3D Graphics -- NEW.- Sound and Music with MMAPI.- Performance TuningProtecting Network Data.- MIDP API Reference.


Building MIDlets.
All About MIDlets.
Almost the Same Old Stuff.
Creating a User Interface.
Lists and Forms.
Custom Items.
Persistent Storage, FileConnection and PIM - NEW.
Connecting to the World.
SMS/MMS - NEWBluetooth & OBEX - NEW.
Programming a Custom User Interface.
The Game API.
3D Graphics -- NEW.
Sound and Music with MMAPI.
Performance TuningProtecting Network Data.
MIDP API Reference.



Sing Li is a systems consultant, avid open source developer, and active freelance writer. With over two decades of industry experience, Sing is a regular contributor to printed magazines and e-zines, and has a sizable roster of book credits. Sing is an evangelist of the mobile Java, VoIP, and P2P evolution.
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