Kids' Football Fitness

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Dezember 2015



Kids' Football Fitness introduces a brand-new concept for children's football training, providing building blocks for a carefully structured, target-based programme of coaching, conditioning and nutrition for kids aged 7 to 16, with the aim of improving young players' fitness for football. Programmes and drills are especially designed for specific age groups, taking into account young players' differing stages of growth and development. Basic skills, strength work, speed work, stamina work and nutrition are all covered, with advice on developing a coherent programme to get the best results over a season. With tips and case studies from a range of professional players, coaches and nutritionists to back up the relevant information, and with clear and concise illustrations for all of the drills, Kids' Football Fitness is the kids' football training bible, whether you coach professional academy trainees or an after-school kids' club.


Simon Thadani has been the fitness and conditioning coach at Ipswich Town FC for the best part of a decade, during which time the team have tasted the high life with Premier League and European football. Steve Foley is Ipswich's technical skills coach, has worked with dozens of top managers including Jim Smith and the late Alan Ball, and has been involved in the development of young players such as Craig Bellamy and Robert Green, who are now full internationals. Alison Byard is a state-registered dietitian with over eight years' experience, three of which have been working with Ipswich, providing one-to-one advice and general guidance on nutrition for players of all ages.
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