The Final Minute

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Featuring Simon Kernick's maverick detective, TINA BOYD, this is the gripping new race-against-time thriller by the best-selling author of Relentless, The Last 10 Seconds and Stay Alive.

`It¿s night, and I¿m in a strange house.

The lights are on, and and I¿m standing outside a half-open door.

Feeling a terrible sense of forboding, I walk slowly inside.

And then I see her.

A woman lying sprawled across a huge double bed.

She¿s dead. There¿s blood everywhere.

And the most terrifying thing of all is that I think her killer might be me ¿¿

A traumatic car-crash. A man with no memory, haunted by nightmares.

When the past comes calling in the most terrifying way imaginable, Matt Barron is forced to turn to the one person who can help.

Ex Met cop, turned private detective, Tina Boyd.

Soon they are both on the run .¿.


Simon Kernick


Another accomplished race against time with a delightfully morally ambiguous hero.
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