Pray & Grow Richer Devotional Journal

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Februar 2015



"Pray and Grow Richer Devotional Journal" is a supplemental resource tool to Dr. Clark's book, "Pray & Grow Richer." This devotional journal is a 31 days financial empowerment guide to help Christians determine where they are operating out of principles that cause increase to come in their lives or operating out of principles that perpetuates lack to flow in their lives. Every prayer warrior, intercessor, kingdompreneur and pastor need to read this book.


Dr. Shirley K. Clark is a 30 year veteran prayer strategist, who believes if we would seek and soak in God's presence, He will release strategies to stimulate ideas to increase wealth in our lives, so that we might become distribution centers for the kingdom of God. Dr. Clark is a prolific author, and has written over 17 books on prayer, intercession and city transformation. As well, Dr. Clark is the Founder & Chancellor of Anointed For Business Leadership Institute, an Institute designed to certify Marketplace Intercessors and to raise up kingdom-minded entrepreneurs. Dr. Clark is also the Founder & Executive Director of Jabez Global Prayer Network and Shirley Clark International Ministries. In addition, Dr. Clark serves as the North Texas Regional Coordinator for the National Day of Prayer. Dr. Clark has been married for 29 years to her husband, Thurman, and they have two wonderful children, Danielle and Quinton.
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