Unbearable (The Port Fare Series, #3)

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November 2014



Unbearable, Book Three of the Port Fare Series

Booker Gatto is done.
Done with women, his old life, all of it. Only the love of his friends in Port Fare keeps him going as he leaves the MET in exchange for the quiet
life his new law practice will provide.
Tess Selleck, once as ambitious and determined as she is smart and beautiful, had to leave everything and everyone she loves in San Diego to escape the man who destroyed her dreams and now wants her dead.
Together Booker and Tess find love when they least expect it, until their pasts drive
them apart. Is there a happily ever after for these damaged lovers? Or is the thought of loving and trusting again simply Unbearable?
Unbearable is the exciting conclusion to the Port Fare Series. Join Booker as he struggles to find his happily ever after.

Discretion notice Unbearable deals with the ugliness of rape and the domestic abuse. While the rape is not graphic in detail, Unbearable may not be suitable for some readers.
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Also, Unbelievable, book Two of the Port Fare Series

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