The Amazing Adventures of Roddy the Magic Cat

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September 2014



Often wondered what a cat gets up to when it's away from home?

Come and delve into the secret world of Roddy the Magic Cat.

In this, his first journey, Roddy travels to Nepal where he realises a lifelong dream to see Mount Everest. Along the way, he is accompanied by his newfound friend, a dog called Hobo, who guides and teaches him about life in the mountains. It is a story of friendship, possibility and adventure that educates and inspires children to learn about different countries around the world. The book is beautifully illustrated throughout and captures a real sense of place.

This is the first in a series of books which will take children to all seven of the world's continents.


Sarah Bates lives in Worcestershire but is most at home drinking chai with the locals in the back streets of India. Her thirst for travel and interest in indigenous cultures has already taken her to over 25 countries. She was once told by a very wise woman that 'travel is your greatest geography lesson' and little did she know at the time that it would become such a prophetic statement. When Sarah is not backpacking or writing, she is teaching yoga both in the UK and India.
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Untertitel: Mount Everest, Asia. Sprache: Englisch.
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