Essays on the Frontiers of Modern Astrophysics and Cosmology

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November 2013



This book is a collection of fourteen essays that describe an inspiring journey through the universe and discusses popular science topics that modern physics and cosmology are struggling to deal with. What is our place in the universe and what happens in the magnificent cosmos where we exist for a brief amount of time. In an unique way that incorporates mythological and philosophical perspectives, the essays in this work address the big questions of what the universe is, how it came into being, and where it may be heading. This exciting adventure is a rich scientific history of elegant physics, mathematics, and cosmology as well as a philosophical and spiritual pursuit fueled by the human imagination.


Genesis of Genesis.
Parallel Universes.
Once Upon a Time There Was No Time or Space.
What's the Matter with Anti-matter?.
Playing with Light.
Dark forces in the Universe.
Is This Universe Infinite?.
Holographic Universe - Ultimate Illusion.
Mind Over Matter.
The Spooky World of Quantum Entanglement.
Hadron Collider - Passport to the Universe.
Theory of Everything.
Are We Alone?.
The End of Everything.


Santhosh Mathew, Ph.D., is a professor, researcher, and science writer. He has written extensively on scientific topics of popular interest. His regular science blog can be found at His writings on science and Eastern philosophy have been widely read. His research interests include developments in modern physics, mathematics, and cosmology.

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