Mobile Website Optimization

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April 2014



If your Digital Strategy and SEO efforts are still desktop focused, you are behind. Having a mobile website is the first step of your "mobile first" strategy. Your mobile website must be optimized for search engines and human visitors.

This is a practical and actionable book with a lot of visuals. It is the result of what I learnt while working with clients.

Digital Marketers and Strategist can get a 360 view of mobile optimization. Awesome mobile optimization includes
(a)Knowing your business objectives and ROI potential for mobile
(b)Choosing the correct mobile website architecture
(c)Knowing the pros/cons of each mobile website architecture
(d)Make sure search engine know about your mobile website architecture and how to redirect in various scenarios
(e)10 mobile design best practices for best conversions
(f)Factors to WOW your on-the-go customer
(g)12 ways to increase mobile speed (important for Google & users)
(h)Mobile keyword research process and SEO
(i)Common mistakes to avoid
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