Felt Wee Folk-New Adventures

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Februar 2015



Salley Mavor's book Felt Wee Folk inspired tens of thousands to handcraft dolls from simple materials. Now, she invites you to return to the wee world with Felt Wee Folk-New Adventures, starring 120 dolls to spark smiles and creativity. As requested by fans, this long-awaited follow-up shares more challenging projects. Explore fresh scenes and an array of new outfits, hairstyles, and accessories, with full-sized patterns. Make bendable dolls that resemble you, your family, or your favorite fairy-tale characters with wool felt, chenille stems, and decorative stitching. Display the figures in a dollhouse, atop a wedding cake, or in a holiday scene to be cherished year after year. From the pages of Mavor's award-winning children's books to your home, the enchanting wee folk dolls appeal to crafters of all ages and skill levels.


A Journey into the Wee World Once Upon a Thread Gathering Materials Projects for Children to Make Flower Fairy, Wee Folk Making Wee Folk and Fairies Materials Tips for Body Wrapping Basic Instructions Step-by-Step Instructions for Dolls Standard Doll Armatures Sturdy Doll Armatures Lamb Walking Canes and Ski Poles Blossom Fairies Doll House Dolls Harvest Folk Mary Had a Little Lamb Driftwood Clan Woodland Folk Royal Family Winter Play Hansel and Gretel Nursery Rhymes Sherwood Forest Wedding Cake Toppers Nativity Glossary of Stitches - [DE: from p.78] Sources About the Author Index

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