Skull Kings MC: the collection

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Mai 2014



Go on a wild ride with young, alluring Aspen as she is taken by the sexy biker Liam Olsen, again and again. This bundle contains the three Skull Kings MC stories in one collection, complete at 30,000+ words for nearly 50% of the combined retail price.


First Time Rider: Aspen is running away from an old life, but her new one in Canyon City isn't much better. With a dead end job and a perverted, blackmailing boss, she's accepting the fact that her luck may never change. That is, until the day Liam Olsen and the Skull Kings MC enter her life to change everything.

Ride or Die: Aspen's love life with bad boy biker Liam takes a hit when she spots her abusive ex in town. Now, Liam wants to know why Aspen won't respond to his touch, and he's getting pretty fed up. To make matters worse, MC queen Shayna is watching Aspen's every move, waiting for the perfect moment to antagonize the newbie. As usual, Aspen's life is far from easy, but the Skull Kings are always there to help in unexpected ways.

Biker Chick: Thanks to her connections to the Skull Kings MC, Aspen snags a job working at the strip club owned by the club president--and looking forward to it. Who can blame her when the security guard is none other than her boyfriend, Liam Olsen? But her illicit workplace fantasies are cut short when a dead body is discovered in the bathroom, throwing the club into chaos. Things get hot in all the wrong ways, especially with the arrival of a handsome sheriff's deputy who takes a special interest in Aspen...

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