Women in American Popular Music

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Dezember 2012



Women in American Popular Music features composers, performers, patrons, musical contexts and an expanded view of women in music in America. This enlightening e-book short is a good source of programming ideas for performers and a handy resource for music lovers.


I. Introduction
II. Tin Pan Alley
A. Peggy Lee
B. Rosemary Clooney
III. Country Music
A. The Carter Family
B. Kitty Wells and Patsy Cline
C. Loretta Lynn
D. Dolly Parton
E. Country Singers: The Current Generation
IV. Gospel
V. The 1950s: Rock 'n' Roll
A. Carole King
VI. The 1960s: Urban Folk Revival
A. Joan Baez
B. Joni Mitchell
VII. The 1980s and 1990s: New Urban Folk Revival
VIII. Rock
A. Janis Joplin
IX. Soul
A. Aretha Franklin
B. Diana Ross and the Supremes
X. Rock since the 1970s
XI. Rock at the End of the Century
A. Madonna
B. Women Rappers
C. Rock's Individualists
XII. An Alternative Style for the 1990s: Tori Amos
XIII. Conclusion


S. Kay Hoke. An Excerpt from Women and Music
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