Christian Fasting

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Januar 2015



Through the lens of social-scientific criticism, Christian Fasting: Biblical and EvangelicalPerspectives explores the social, cultural, and religious significance of fasting in the first-century Mediterranean world. Old Testament precedents, as well as Mesopotamian, Greek, and Roman influences are examined to form the backdrop for a detailed interpretation of each fasting text in the New Testament. Contemporary evangelical fasting literature is also discussed and analyzed. Finally, H.S. Mathews proposes a solution for reconciling a biblical interpretation of fasting with contemporary evangelical practice.


Chapter 1: An Anthropologist Reads the New Testament
Chapter 2: Fasting in the Old Testament and Ancient Mediterranean World Introduction
Chapter 3: Fasting in the New Testament: A Social-Scientific View of Fasting in the First-Century Mediterranean World
Chapter 4: Fasting in Evangelical Christianity
Chapter 5: Evangelicalism and the New Testament in Dialogue

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