Unseen Secrets (Shattered Realms, #1)

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November 2014



Among the Children of the Sky, command of the elements is the surest way to riches, influence and respect. Which is why young Keevan Stratagar, a wiry Outlander with no elemental gifts at all, spent his childhood dismissed by the powerful and feared by the ignorant.

Leaving Keevan alive as an infant was an act of mercy on the Council's part. But Keevan is a young man now. Powerful enemies are turning their attention his way, with lethal intentions. Even a single Outlander living on their shores is one too many.

Battling for life, friends and loyalty, Keevan must uncover the hidden might behind his Outlander powers. A strength he's overlooked his entire life. Those discoveries could shake the city of Issamere to its core, where one misstep may bring the might of an entire civilization down on top of Keevan and all he holds dear.


S. B. Sebrick was raised in Vancouver, Washington. He has published short stories in 2005 and 2006 of Clark College's annual 'Phoenix' Anthology. He recently finished 'Dire', the last of the 'Assassin's Rising' novels. He often posts updates and teasers about the rest of his works from his website at

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