Writing a Contemporary Romance Novel

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Juli 2014



Learn how to write a contemporary romance story, get this guide which is a step-by-step guide for beginners on how to write contemporary romance stories.
Here, you can develop into an enhanced contemporary romance novel writer by getting this step-by-step guide. With this book you will learn to create a wonderful contemporary romance novel. - Prepare yourself thoroughly before writing. - Enhance your writing skill. - Know what genre and subgenre of contemporary romance suits you. - Spark your creativity in writing contemporary romance novels. - Learn the different tips and tricks for writing a wonderful contemporary romance novel. - Discover if you can make a career in writing contemporary romance novels. - Astonish your loved ones and friends when they read your finish contemporary romance novel. - Perfectly outline the story of your contemporary romance novel so that it will become a big hit. - Create suitable character leads that will be loved by your readers. - Lessen your expenses by not attending expensive writing seminars, meetings and workshops.

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