Swimming: Dryland Training

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März 2014



If you wish to train swimming without sinking in to the water and without getting expose to sunlight, you will want to seize a copy of the "Swimming: Dryland Training" guide.
Within this step-by-step show you will have the ability to reap the next benefits:
- Learn how to swim easily and quickly at the comfort of your own home. - Practice swimming without getting wet and sunburns. - Learn how to swim without worrying of getting your skin exposed to the heat of the sun. - Learn the different core exercises in relation to the 4 swimming strokes. - Perform proper stretching exercises and positions before starting the training. - Learn how to strengthen your power,agility and endurance. - Discover techniques on how to boost the power of your leg and upper body. - Perform Stretch Cordz exercises to develop swimming movements. - See proper positions in doing routines. - And much more.

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