Running a 5k Race

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März 2014



If you wish to learn to run a 5k the proper way, then have this "Running a 5k Race" step-by-step guide.
Within this step-by-step guide, you'll uncover an established & examined approach to run a 5k race faster by training the wise and efficient way.
- Achieve personal satisfaction of becoming a faster runner more than ever before. - Discover how to start and finish a 5k race with a new personal record time. - Impress your friends and family with your new and faster running skills. - How to have the runner's mindset to run faster than before. - 10 golden rules for running improvement revealed. - Stretching exercises for the 5k runner. - Drills & warm-up tips to run a 5k race faster. - Find out what to eat, drink, and do before the 5k run to get the best results as much as possible. - Running schedules for all running levels (beginners, intermediate, advanced) so that you can apply all these new tips contained in this one guide as you get better in the 5k race. - Step-by-step running exercises explained in detail. - Running form tips for a 5k race (body posture, arm & hand position, hands, legs & feet tips) - And much more!

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