Reading Musical Notations

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März 2014



If you wish to learn to read musical notations, then get "Reading Musical Notations".
Within this e-book, we can help you understand each common and fundamental musical symbol that you'll encounter in reading through and writing music!
After reading this book you can: - Impress someone by writing a song for them. - Read musical notations quickly. - You can now relate musically with other musicians. - Amaze your friends with you new found knowledge and skills. Play them a song that will make their jaw drop! - Read and play music easily. - With musical notations you can play any music anytime and anywhere! - Jam with other musicians and discuss the music's structure and measure. - With music theory handy, you can play any songs that you like without the help of inaccurate tabs! - Play and speak like a professional musician! - Enhance you listening skills! Play any note by reading notations or just by listening to the song that you want to play. - Enjoy composing your own song and music. - You can even start your own musical career professionally! - With musical notations it will be easy for you to succeed at music schools.

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