Playing Magic The Gathering For Beginners

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April 2014



Though absolutely absorbing and filled with surprises, Magic: The Gathering isn't a game that you could simply get and begin playing. Besides the particulars of creating a pack of cards, it's necessary to develop an awareness from the cards themselves, the dwelling of the match and also the capabilities and spells that are offered that you should wield. These components can appear absolutely baffling in the beginning, but there's you don't need to allow them to deter you the thought of giving the overall game a try. If you're a fan of cerebral action and inclined to take on a new challenge, Magic: The Gathering is definitely an engrossing hobby which will grow and evolve together with your level of skill for years to come.
This book is a basic but highly detailed guide to help beginners through the process of becoming immersed in the world Magic: The Gathering. Within the book, you will learn the fundamentals of the game, from the stages of each turn during a standard match to the abilities listed on the cards and how to put a play deck together. Each section includes hints and tips that will provide even the greenest beginner with enough skill and understanding to enter their first battles with a good chance of prevailing over an opponent.
Magic: The Gathering is a rewarding game that never unfolds the same way twice, so it's well worth the effort of learning the ropes. Once you have read this guide aimed specifically at beginners, you will be primed and prepared to enter the Multiverse.

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