Muay Thai Training

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März 2014



If you wish to learn Muay Thai, then get "Muay Thai Training" compiled by a genuine Muay Thai instructor.
If you've always aspired to start Kick Boxing, but weren't sure exactly what the techniques are and just how to do them, "Muay Thai Training" will illustrate and explain fundamental techniques that you could learn rapidly. After that you can develop individuals fundamental techniques. This step-by-step guide can help you start your Kick Boxing journey the proper way.
Whether you want to improve your current Muay Thai, or start from the beginning, this step-by-step guide will show you basic techniques that you can develop and easily practice on your own. In this book, your questions will be answered as to why certain techniques are performed and why they should be executed correctly to get the most power. - Improve your stance to ensure better footwork skills. - Learn to carry out basic Muay Thai moves the right way. - Get a better workout by practicing correctly and efficiently. - Learn the proper way to wrap your hands. - What should you expect in your first Muay Thai class? - Learn to become more powerful by using the tips and tricks in this step by step guide. - If you enjoy Muay Thai, then this is the perfect opportunity to live your dream of becoming better at Muay Thai. - Advance your conditioning and stamina with the drills in this guide. - Discover what you've been missing in your punches or kicks with the detailed instruction and pictures. - Gain speed and accuracy by following the numerous tips and illustrations.

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