Living With Type 1 Diabetes

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Juli 2014



Type 1 diabetes is not something to be taken lightly. Spending your entire life studying your illness, instead of actually living, isn't really what most diabetics have in mind either. Knowing the basics and living out the rest is the balance many are looking for, and the "How to Live Life with Type 1 Diabetes" guide is just the resource for the job.
Life is meant to be lived fully and without restraints, and this guide offers countless tools to keep the weight of being a diabetic off your shoulders. Some of them include:
- Information on the newest technologies - Basic steps, both mental and physical, to aid new diabetics - What you need to know about your illness - Personal examples with blood sugar ranges - Information on associated medical issues as well as how to avoid them - Tips on exercising, eating, and even sleeping - Help with how to talk to your doctor - Specific references on topics like hospitals, insurance, and camps - Emotional situations and how they affect blood-glucose - Preferences regarding what to look out for from a real type 1 diabetic

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